Soke Mario Falcone
More than 50 years of practicing Karate Do.
In 1978 he starts to practice Goju Ryu under the tutelage of Grand Master Isao Nakamura.
In 1988 he joins the organization of Grand Master Morio Higaonna.
1988 – 2003 Chief Instructor for Mexico I.O.G.K.F.
He is appointed as Chief Instructor for North America.
1997 receives authorization to give Goju Ryu seminars in the name of Higaonna Morio Sensei ar any part of the world.

In a very short time, after entering the IOGKF, Falcone’s Sensei became one of the most important students for Higaonna Sensei. To the extent that Higaonna Sensei’s students said that when they saw Falcone’s Sensei, doing Goju Ryu katas, they imagined Higaonna Sensei himself.

Politics does not fit with the true practice of Goju Ryu and this was one of the reasons why Falcone’s Sensei decides to leave the IOGKF.

In 2004 he Creates I.H.G.K.A.
International Hayabusa Goju Ryu Karate Do Association.