Welcome Goju Ryu Practitioners of the World


The IHGKA is a new organization in which the independent practitioners of Goju Ryu may join to our organization. Our rules are simple, the most important is to promote and expand our organizacion through the practice of the Goju Ryu by using the badge of the Hayabusa (Peregrine) Hawk, once you are in, you may certify your students by our leader Mario Falcone’s and work under his guidance and tutelage.

falcone 1

If you got interested in joining us, please make a written request and send it to falconesystem@gmail.com; your request must contain comments and your desire to be part of the IHGKA, and include the following information:


Full Name: Dojo’s Full Address (Where you teach Goju Ryu) Contact Details (Phone number with country and area code, e-mail, website if you have one) Postal Size Photography of you wearing your uniform (White Karate Gi) and running a technical position of some of the traditional Goju Ryu Kata. A current photo with your group of students belonging to your dojo and you must be in it.